To all our Partners,


November was one of the best months in the entire existence of Tractas Network. We generated a little over 200 Million Clicks. Because of that, our current tracking platform is having a lot of problems maintaining the network's performance.

We are now being forced to transfer to a much better tracking platform which can support the amount of conversions, impressions and clicks the network makes daily. We are also switching to a dedicated server to make sure that there won't be any further delay when it comes to real-time tracking.

For now, please stop all traffic to the offers you are running. All unpaid invoices and generated income are put on record so you need not to worry about your progress.

We will inform you once the migration is done which won't take that long. We, at Tractas Network appreciate your loyalty and business. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this has resulted and rest-assured that we will continue to give you the best Affiliate Marketing experience possible.

Thank you,
Team Tractas

Update: December 7, 2016

We are now accepting new affiliates at our new Affiliate Interface! Please signup here: